Let them stART cake!


Cable TV Cake King Mike Elder stARTed baking after a successful career as a master mechanic. Add entrepreneur and entertainer to baker and mechanic and you have a recipe for stARTist extraordinaire. This Saturday and Sunday, Chef Elder and his TV baking-competition pals will bake, frost and throttle their way to a Guinness Book of World Records attempt when they build a fully functioning car of cake. Holy hybrid, Batman!

It’s happening at the KCCake Fest, which Elder is hosting this year. On Sunday afternoon at the Convention Center, Elder and his pit crew will stART up the “fastest cake car.” Officials say Elder must drive a car covered with “at least 95 percent edible ingredients” at least 10 miles an hour to earn his victory lap. If you’re in K.C., head downtown! The custom cake mobile will make its run down Wyandotte Street at 1 p.m.

I love how Elder’s stARTistry has been sweetening Kansas City. Last year, he stARTed a charity fundraising event that was all about cakes: Icing on the Cake.” The one-day event raised funds for Newhouse, a Kansas City shelter for abused women and children that is dear to my heart. Proceeds from this year’s cake festival will be donated to the Whole Person.

stARTist Mike Elder with his head in

As creative wonder beasts like Mike prove over and again, be careful what you stART! It is only the beginning!


About Becky Blades

I like starting things: businesses, conversations, art projects, civic improvements, poems, books and trips to Paris. Starting is creative fuel, so just to be sure I never run out of gas, I start more than I can finish. Most recently finished, the book: 'Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening,' a illustrated collection of counsel and inspiration for women of all ages.

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